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Many Readers Say Rep. Esty Should Resign


According to various news sources, Rep Elizabeth Esty, CT 5th Congressional district including New Britain, entered into a nondisclosure agreement with her former chief of staff Tony Baker and wrote a reference letter for him even after learning of allegations that he had threatened and physically assaulted another aide of hers with whom he was once in a relationship.

Facebook group readers of the New Britain City Journal were asked the Question of the month, if because of that, Esty should resign. Many said she should.

Richard Paladino said, “If it was a man he’d be gone already.”

Terry McNamara Reihl said, “Absolutely yes. Now.”

“Yes. What she did was wrong, wrong, wrong,” said Geri O’Keefe-Curtis. “That kind of stuff is not to be tolerated. If she were a man, she would have been booted out already. Should not be any different for her.”

Richard Paladino said, “Get out. You got caught.”

But many other readers thought Esty should just not run for re-election and when she announced she would not run again on Monday, many were happy.

“Finish the term; then she’s done,” said Maria Pietrantuono . “If she runs she won’t get elected. People no longer tolerate this behavior.”

Catherine Nyhan Cheney said, “I think she should finish out her term at this point and not run for re-election. As long as the same standards are applied across the board. With harsher consequences for those who actually commit the harrassment/abuse.”

Tony Cane, New Britain Republican Town Committee Chairman, said she should serve out her term and not run.

“Her resigning was the question,” said Rodney Baker. “She will be protected. She’ll finish her term.”

Other readers has various opinions on what was done.

“I don’t like her nor am I downplaying what she did. But was what she did illegal?,” said Dwight Blint. “Suppose the genders were reversed – the protagonist was a woman and the victim was a man. And she fired the woman immediately without looking into it. Suppose the issue was racism? People just seems to be freaking out lately. My litmus test is – was it a crime?”

Esty has sent a request to the House Ethics Committee to conduct an inquiry into whether she has violated any law, rule, regulation or other standard of conduct applicable to a Member of the House, according to new sources.

She urged the full House to explore whether the rules and procedures for dealing with such matters need to be further revised and strengthened.

At least one reader said she felt Esty should remain in office.

“She made a mistake. She fixed it and apologized,” said Elaine Andrews. “She’s human. Like all of us. Give her a chance.”

On Tuesday at least one Democrat, Mary Glassman, a New Britain native, announced she will run for Esty’s seat.