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Report Blight: SEECLICKFIX App Launched


Now when you see blight, you too can take a picture and report it.

Mayor Erin Stewart announced Monday that the City of New Britain has officially launched a mobile application and compendium website called SeeClickFix that allows individuals to report potholes, graffiti, blight and other issues right from their mobile phone.

This was one of Mayor Stewart’s Top 5 Goals for the year she told the City Journal about in January.

Keeping in line with the City’s Energy and Innovation plan as part of the SMART City initiative, for more than a year, the City of New Britain has worked with New Haven-based web and app developer SeeClickFix to build a new platform for residents, business owners, and visitors to report non-emergency issues to Public Works, and other departments. Mobile users can download the app from the Android and Apple stores by searching for “SeeClickFix New Britain.” Users can also access the SeeClickFix website through

Users can report blight, potholes, graffiti, and other issues. The app and website also provides links for residents to the City website and links to pay water/sewer and tax bills online. Users can submit photos, text, and other information, which is passed on to respective City Hall departments for a response.

The app is in use by more than 300 cities across the country.

The report will get sent to the proper department. It is helpful for City employees because it gives them a workflow process that can be tracked.

“This SeeClickFix app and website will further make New Britain a technology-driven City, in which individuals can quickly and efficiently interact with City Hall to get the services they need,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “This service gives residents the opportunity to play an active role in making us a stronger, more vibrant community.”

Ben Berkowitz, CEO and founder of SeeClickFix, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with another mid-size City in Connecticut. New Britain is a community of highly engaged citizens with a youthful energy for improving their hometown. SeeClickFix will be a perfect fit for New Britain.”

Issues can also be reported online at:

Links to download the app: Android: Apple: