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Editor’s Note 3/29/2018

Do not be surprised to hear more disparaging remarks about me and the paper in the next few weeks. Every few years people who do not like my opinions come out to smear me. It is part of the job.

We will not allow bullying or threats or bad behavior on our Facebook group. It is up to the page administrator’s discretion to remove comments and block offending commentators. There is more than 1 person who moderates the group.

Unfortunately, people don’t take it well when they are chosen to be removed. We expect, if not respect then civility with each other in the group. It is inappropriate comments that results in removal. Often remarks are removed immediately and many cannot be seen. So you may only see half of the story online.

We do our best to serve the citizens of this city and not local politicians. I love New Britain and will always do what I believe to be best for the City. Most complaints against us are politically motivated and politics is brutal.

So after all the arguments, a debt restructuring plan was approved Wednesday night. It was a long drawn out unnecessary affair.

I hope this is the start of the two sides working together. See story on page 1.

There is a new housing authority director. He seems to be a great fit for the job. We wish him well. Read story on page 1.

KC’s on Main opened up earlier this month. This week a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held. The food looks amazing. I will be trying it soon. See more details on page 2.

It’s almost time for the senior prom. Seniors from the area come together for a great night with food and music. A King and Queen are even named. See page 3 for details.

It is also time for the annual fishing derby. Be sure to take the kids and grab a trout or two. See more information on page 4.

This week I got my pierogies at St. Lucian;s. There was a big crowd. Many people were purchasing the butter lambs. They were too pretty to use.

I had some very good jokes sent to me this week. Thanks to all of you. I will get as many in as I can.

Here are two for you.

What kind of room has no doors and no windows? A mushroom.


If you threw a pink stone into the Black Sea, what would it become? Wet.

I really liked the mushroom joke, but both made me smile.

Until next week, keep smiling and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!