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Editor’s Note 3/22/2018

I am so happy to report that it appears an agreement has been reached on debt consolidation. I knew if the two parties worked together this could be done. A big thank you to the leadership group.

It is vital to get this done quickly. I wish it didn’t take so long, but better late than never.

On Wednesday night more details will be released. Next week we will fill you in on the latest.

Read the newest information only in the City Journal on page 1.

This week we also take a look at what is happening in the real estate market. It is good to know people are buying in New Britain. Taxes are high, but other Cities like West Hartford also are high. The best value around is in New Britain. I expect that trend to continue. See page 1 for more information.

So Mayor Erin Stewart announced she is officially running for Governor. I believe she can turn around the State like she did New Britain. We need young blood. It seems no one has been able to fix the State’s budget problems for years. Stewart could be the answer. I don’t see a better candidate out there. Good Luck Mayor Stewart! See story on page 2.

Many interesting things happening at the New Britain Senior Center. The new greenhouse will open next month. The health fair is coming and new trips have been planned. See more on page 3.

The OIC New Britain Gala will take place June 1. Three people will be honored. This year’s theme will be “Through Trials & Tribulations, Let the Good Times Roll.” Find out all the details on page 4.

On Sunday I attended the TRIAD Pancake breakfast. The breakfast was better than ever this year. It benefits the seniors for their Senior Prom. TRIAD holds many inter-generational programs.

On Saturday is Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. It is a great event to bring your kids. The parks and recreation department does a great job.

If you have not seen the videos of the Stanley Smokestack coming down, join our Facebook group as they are posted.

I found a cute joke on Facebook this week.

Teacher: How old is your father?

Student: Six years

Teacher: What? How is that possible?

Student: He became a father when I was born

The student is correct. Kids are getting smarter every day.

Until next week, thinking about how old your father truly is and keep reading New Britain’s Most Trusted Newspaper!