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Editor’s Note 3/15/2018

Have you read the page 1 story on the State of the City? I found it very interesting. I don’t recall another time a Mayor asked for bi-partisanship in order to get things accomplished.

It reminded me of Mayor Erin Stewart’s inauguration speech. Then, she asked for everyone to work together as well.

Most of us have seen all that has been accomplished in the past five years. It has been a strong five years for the City. We are moving in the proper direction. I do not want to see the Council stop our progress. I hope they decide to work as one.

I believe they can learn to work together if given a chance. Forget who caucuses with who and just work for New Britain. Sometimes, I feel like a broken record, but I truly want what is best for New Britain.

Wednesday was an exciting day as New Britain High School held a walkout to end school violence. Many students were very passionate about the subject. I hope each one remembers this day and truly works to end tragedy from happening in the future.

I want to remind students the importance of not bullying those who are different in color, abilities, sexual orientation or any other reason. Being kinder to each other often helps prevent tragedies. Our high school students are our future. We are depending on them for our future as much as they have depended on us for their past. Please make us proud!

See complete story on page 1.

On page 2, the New Britain City Journal Facebook Group chose the Top 10 gas stations in New Britain and Berlin. It was an excellent list. I didn’t realize how many great gas stations we have in the area. I have visited each one.

On page 3 is information about the Board of Finance proposed budget. It is quite a large amount. It will be interesting to see where this budget process ends as so much is still unknown concerning debt restructuring.

Personal Touch Car Wash opened in November, but a ribbon cutting was held last week. I had a car wash there. It was terrific. See story on page 4.

I got a joke this week from an interesting source.

What do a nun and a shoe repair man have in common?

They both work to save souls/soles!

Thank you for the laugh!

Until next week, take a moment to laugh, and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!