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Fitting Fitness Into a Busy Schedule


I’ve always loved the old saying “If you want something to get done, ask a busy person to do it”, but sometimes, there just seems to be no time left in the day. When endless “to do” lists and important commitments to family, work and community seem to leave you with no time for personal fitness, try these tips to carve out time to make maintaining or achieving fitness a prioritySet an alarm on your smart device – phone, watch or computer, to remind you to take small, workable fitness breaks throughout the day.

  • Use online resources to bring fitness to your fingertips:
  • Find a workout partner. Research along with anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that people are much more likely to stick to a fitness plan if they have a workout/accountability partner. Increased social contact is great for your emotional health too!
  • Hire a Certified personal trainer. Study after study proves that hiring a Certified personal trainer is a wise investment in your long term health and will help you reach your fitness goals quickly and without injury. This tip is especially important if you are new to fitness or have a very specific goal in mind.

Remember, something is ALWAYS better than nothing, so don’t let not having enough time for marathon training be an excuse to avoid making small behavior changes that add up to big benefits.