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Editor’s Note 3/8/2018

Snow! Even though we haven’t had too much this year, I have had enough. This latest storm was not needed. Bring on Spring. I am looking forward to long days and hot weather.

This week we opened up the paper about properties the City is selling. It would be nice to see properties turned into taxable income. If you can afford to buy the property and build your own house, these sound like good deals. See more on page 1.

Also on page 1, is the latest on Mayor Erin Stewart’s bid for Governor. She still needs more funds. Polls show she is a strong candidate. We certainly need change on the State level.

A look at this month’s 15 minutes of fame is on page 2. Who do you know in it?

On page 3 is a story on the New Britain City of Pride Launch Party. It was nice to see so many people turn out. A lot of politicians were in attendance. I never saw so many in one place. Congratulations goes out to all those involved with group.

While at this party, Merrill Gay threw out the idea of insurance on guns. What do you think about it? I liked it.

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? How about the parade? See page 3 for more about this year’s delegation. Two wonderful people will be honored. Also be sure to attend the fundraiser tonight, Thursday, at Roma’s. It helps to keep the New Britain group in the parade.

On this page are two columns from the Democratic and Republican chairpersons. It is interesting how their views differ. Be sure to read them both.

How do you feel about trick or treating on a certain day each year instead of Oct. 31. I am a traditionalist. I want it on Halloween. When would we hold our celebration downtown if this law passes?

It seems to me, legislators should have bigger things to worry about. Our taxes are high, businesses are moving out, cities are in financial distress and many are in poverty. Leave Halloween alone.

Make sure you turn your clock ahead Saturday night. We lose an hour of sleep.

Time for a joke sent in to me by a reader.

Divorce Court Judge: “I’ve reviewed the case and have decided to give your wife $350 a week.”

Defendant: “That’s really generous, Your Honor. And every now and then I’ll try and send her a few bucks myself.”

Until next week, keep sending me jokes, and keep reading New Britain’s Number 1 Most Trusted Newspaper!