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Historic City of Pride Launch Party

Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman speaks to Luna Tikk Amore during the City of Pride Lauch Part at Back Nine Tavern on Friday night.Rachel Anonuevo
Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman speaks to Luna Tikk Amore during the City of Pride Launch Party at Back Nine Tavern on Friday night.

Over 50 people came out last Friday night to eat, mingle and dance at the City of Pride Launch Party at the Back Nine Tavern.

“I was so proud to see such a strong turn out by the LGBT community and for the LGBT community in a bipartisan fashion,” said John Board, New Britain Pride Founder.

New Britain Pride is a nonpartisan organization whose goal is to spread understanding and advocate for the LGBT community through pride celebrations, advocacy and education.

Among those in attendance were Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, former Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz, Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman and various other officials running for state office.

“I’m proud to be here and support New Britain Pride. We have a strong pride group in the City of Hartford and a strong and vibrant LBGT community in our capitol City,” said Bronin. “I think it makes for a stronger state overall. I think the more vocal and deeply rooted the effort is, the more powerful it is. I would like to see a large active organization in each of our communities.”

“If we do not grow stronger we won’t see this community grow stronger and have a voice,” said Wyman. “The United States of America that I knew and was brought up in, believes that everyone is included. I would have dropped everything to be here. I know it is run by two Republicans and I am still here.”

New Britain Pride was conceptually born outside the birthplace of the modern day rights movement, the Stonewall Inn, during New York City Pride 2017.

During the opening ceremony, Board said that “tonight starts a new chapter in New Britain.”

“With your help we can show that New Britain and surrounding communities can be a place of innovation and creativity,” said Board.

Wyman was the guest speaker and dazzled the crowd.

“We want to make sure no matter who we love or the color of our skin, we have the right to do what we believe is correct. I never thought I would see it in New Britain,” said Wyman. “We have to make sure that everybody has accessibility to healthcare. Everybody has accessibility to getting a job, but more than anything the accessibility to love who we love. This group has got to spread the word.”

Wyman said there wasn’t always same sex marriage.

“So many people are so young that they did not know they had to fight for those rights. What scares me is we cannot afford to go backwards,” said Wyman. “We have to go forward to keep the rights that we have and go forward for the rights that we need.”

Wyman said if people don’t fight for heir rights, they will lose their rights.

New Britain Pride is a 501(C)3 organization including, but not limited to, the Mayor’s Office, the New Britain Bees, Central Connecticut State University and the New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMMA).

Future events include a celebration at the NBMMA, an event downtown and an “LGBee-T” themed baseball game at the New Britain Bees.

There is a monthly meeting at City Hall. If you are interested in attending a meeting please email or visit our facebook, @NewBritainPride.

For more information go to If you wish to donate click the link: “City of Pride Fund”.