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Editor’s Note 2/15/2018

I was speaking to someone this week who told me it was great that I speak my mind. They might not always agree, but give me credit for telling it the way I see it.

My goal has always been to tell the public what I see. I really don’t have any reason to be partial on anything. I am not running for any office.

I will continue to give you my views on what is happening around town. I do the best I can.

On Feb. 23rd is a New Britain Pride fundraiser at Back Nine Tavern. If you can help this group with their mission please attend. More information is in briefs.

Soon it will also be time to raise money for the New Britain contingent in Hartford’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I will keep you updated on that too.

This week we took a look at DMTS Radio. Devione Tanksley cares very much for our community. He is always trying to better it. His ventures hold great promise for our City. See story on page 1.

Also on page 1 is a story about a great young attorney. She has an interesting perspective on her occupation.

The Beehive Bridge is moving slowly. It won’t be completed until December 2019. It requires a lot of work. See story on page 2.

Where can you go for a great hamburger? Riley’s took the top spot in the City Journal Facebook group poll. See page 3 for the Top 10!

Have you given much thought to your trash barrels? Don’t lose them or it may be costly. We had some phone calls about lost barrels so I thought we should update you on their importance. Don’t leave them on the streets for a snowplow to destroy. For more details read page 4.

Has someone in your business been promoted? Did your child receive an honor? Do you have a story that needs publishing? Please send your information to us at Whether it is a brief or an announcement, we want to publish it. We are all about the community.

I did get a couple of jokes from readers this week. Here is one.

At a wedding reception, the DJ yelled out: “Would all married men please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living.”

The bartender was almost crushed to death!

There must have been a lot of angry wives.

Until next week, leave the bartender alone, and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!