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Pigskin Predictions


The Superbowl was an exciting game. The Eagles were definitely the better team.

The Patriots defense was awful. They deserve most of the blame for the loss on the New England side. Tom Brady was very good. He did struggle at the end. He is still the GOAT!

Rob Gronkowski may retire as he has too many concussions. At least Julian Edelman will be back next year.

Nick Foles was phenomenal for the Eagles. Imagine how good Philadelphia could be next year with Carson Wentz? This team has a great future.

They are the team to beat without a doubt. I see a switch coming in power of the conferences.

Philadelphia and Minnesota will be strong for years to come.

New England is getting old. I have my doubts on Jacksonville, but they could surprise me. Pittsburgh just isn’t that great.

I think a new team will emerge next year to lead the AFC. I just haven’t figure out who that will be yet. I can’t wait to find out.

I finished 132-68 for the season. Thanks for tagging along with my picks.

Top 5 Power Rankings

  1. Philadelphia
  2. New England
  3. Minnesota
  4. Jacksonville
  5. Atlanta