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Editor’s Note 2/8/2018

Not accepting a debt restructuring plan in January has cost the City an additional $1.9 million. Each day the City waits costs taxpayers more.

I certainly hope a plan by the Democratic Council saves the money wasted by not approving the plan. I have always hoped another solution is found. I just hope it is found quickly. Playing politics is costing residents money. Let’s get to work and solve this issue.

If there is not a better plan, then approve the debt restructuring quickly. If there is a better plan present the City with something. Let us all in on it.

I will continue to harp on this as it is very important to the City.

We can cut costs in the future, but lets take care of this problem first. I dislike party politics.

Please read page 1 for more details. Also on page 3 are residents and a Councilman’s views on the debt restructuring. It is a bit complicated, but I tried my best to explain it.

Have you seen Sam Kimball perform? He turned 90 years old this year. He is still going strong. Do not miss a chance to catch him perform. Read more about him on page 1.

On page 2 is the conclusion of a 3-part story on the SMART Initiative. Pretty smart! These are the types of plans we need in the City and across the State.

On page 4 is an update on Bees Across New Britain. More sponsors are needed. Have you thought about getting one for your business? It sounds like a lot of fun and great publicity. I am so looking forward to this project. I still want to collect miniature versions of each Bee.

I have not received too many emails with jokes. I did receive a quote I was asked to print.

“Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens”

I did find an old Superbowl joke.

“My idea of a Superbowl is a toilet that cleans itself.”

If you are interested in my views of the Superbowl, read my Pigskin Predictions on page 7.

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Until next week, may your bowl be clean and may you continue to read New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!