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Pigskin Predictions


The Superbowl is Sunday and it is time to pick the big game.

I had originally picked the Eagles and Patriots in the Superbowl, but changed it to Minnesota last week. Just shows you should always follow your first instinct.

My first instinct tells me that Sunday is going to be a close game.

Philadelphia 23, New England 28 – Yes, I believe the Patriots can win this game.

Philadelphia is a very good team and most areas of the Country are behind them. Unless you are a Patriots fan, chances are you are rooting for the Eagles.

It is not impossible for Philadelphia to win. It would not be a surprise. It will depend on if the Eagle defense can get to Tom Brady and if Nick Foles can make the big plays.

I see New England falling behind, but Brady catching up. In the end Brady will make the big play and Foles will fall short.

It will not be decided early. This game really will go down to the last play.

Brady will win MVP.

If you are a Patriot hater, than I advise not watching the game.

My Top 5 Power Rankings

  1. New England
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Minnesota
  4. Jacksonville
  5. Atlanta