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Editor’s Note 2/1/2018

Last week I implored both political parties to stop playing games. Apparently, my pleading made no headway as last Thursday’s meeting was more of the same.

Democrats are fighting to prove a meeting was held illegally. That is fine. Do what you need to do. But, don’t ignore the debt restructuring. If you need more time then say it. Don’t put on a show at a Special Council meeting and then adjourn when you don’t agree with corporation counsel.

Right or wrong, it just came off as more nonsense. At least discuss the debt issue. Get as much information as you can before making a decision. Political shows do no make either party look good. It just embarrasses New Britain. See story on page 6.

This week Mayor Erin Stewart announced she is exploring a run at governor. We wish her luck.

What we are most concerned about is who will lead New Britain if she leaves? I am hoping for someone like her who has fresh ideas. We need to take steps forward and not put the plan Mayor Stewart has put in place go backwards. See story on page 2.

On page 1 is a story on the Grand List rising. It is not a big jump, but any increase is good. It is hard to see large increases because most space in the City is used. There are empty buildings, but most space is owned and on the books.

We also have part two of a story on the SMART Initiative. The Mayor has done some interesting things in the past 5 years. I hope you did not miss part 1. Story is on page 1.

If you have not paid your ticket for parking in the City you will get a notice. There are over $700,000 in outstanding tickets. That is a lot of money. Don’t risk a lawsuit. Pay the fine. See story on page 3.

Funds for the plans for apartments at St. Thomas Aquinas were not approved this round. It is great to see the company will try again. I believe the project will be a big boost to the East Side. I went to Aquinas and I do not like seeing it sit there empty. It feels like a disgrace to the school. See page 4 for more about the plans.

I did get a joke emailed to me this week.

“Silence is golden: duct tape is silver.”

I guess it depends which one you need to use.

Until next week be golden or silver and keep reading New Britain’s # 1 Most Trusted Newspaper!