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Delinquent Parking Ticket Notices Sent Out


If you owe money on a delinquent parking ticket, it is time to pay up.

The City recently sent out 6,275 letters to residents seeking $743,087 in outstanding car tickets violations.

“Most of those date back about five years. The notice will indicate the total balance including any late fees that have been incurred,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “We put Taxserv under contract in April to help us collect any outstanding City debt that we have.”

The City of New Britain, in partnership with TaxServ Capital Services, LLC, are mailing out the collection notices to individuals who are delinquent on a parking citation.

According to TaxServ’s website, “TaxServ has been a leader in the recovery of delinquent government debt for over 20 years. Our experienced staff and state of the art technology provides our government clients with the best service the industry has to offer.”

“If you did receive a notice and have any questions you should notify tax serve,” said Stewart. “It is a lot of money that we have outstanding and that is just in car ticket violations.”

The notices will contain the total balance owed to the City, including any late fees that have been acquired. The notice will have clear payment and appealing instructions, including an online payment option.

There is an area to reply if you did not receive a notice previously. The City has mailed out the violations to the last known address in the system. If you moved you may not have received a notice in the past.

If you previously paid for the ticket, you need to provide a copy of a canceled check and receipt. You may still owe money due to a late payment on the citation. A payment is considered late if it was not received withing 7 days of the ticket issued.

“Information is very clear on the ticket number and time you got the ticket,” Stewart added. “It goes back some time, but if you didn’t pay we are coming after you. We have a lot of people who haven’t paid their parking tickets”

Taxserv will not accept less than full payment. Only the City can make adjustments.

The City could take legal action if payments are not made.

Anyone with questions regarding the notice should contact TaxServ at 860-724-9100 or 866-497-2427.

The City is also hiring a second firm it hopes will help bring in funds called Tax Management Associates. This deals with assessment and property audits.

At no upfront cost to the City, it will conduct 420 personal property audits of accounts. It will take three years to do this. It is done in the assessor’s office, but they can only do 10 to 12 a year.

All those businesses with over $50,000 or more of personal property will be audited.

Tax Management Associates is not from Connecticut, but are auditing six cities in the State including Danbury, Bridgeport, Stratford and Hartford.

“We need to look at ways to generate revenue. Naturally, we look at delinquent payments in everything (water and sewer bills, parking tickets, property taxes, blight tickets),” said Mayor Stewart when the two businesses were hired. “We’ve gone back and are looking at outstanding money we could have collected.”