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Shaker Funeral Home Celebrates 25 Years in Business


Unlike many other funeral homes Paul Shaker Jr. did not get it handed down from one generation to another. After gaining much experience at other funeral homes, Shaker started his business from scratch 25 years ago.

“I started in the funeral business in 1984 driving limos and hearses for area funeral homes. I used to be a freelance embalmer and funeral director,” said Shaker. “My family is not in the business which is hard because most people’s grandfathers started it. A lot of people started in the 1930’s. It was almost impossible to do.”

Shaker Funeral Home, 764 Farmington Ave., was previously a florist and greenhouse. Shaker started the business downtown and moved it to the present location in 1996.

Known as the “Creator of Meaningful Memories”, it was founded in November of 1993 by owners Paul A. Shaker, Jr., Paul Shaker, Sr., and Barbara B. Spada.

“It has changed a lot as our business is probably 45 percent cremation and 50 percent burial,” he said “When I first started it was 5 to 10 percent cremations.”

Some of it has to do with prices, but much of it is due to the traditional values changes. Not everyone attends church.

“It’s not the same as when I was a kid,” he said.

He said what makes Shaker Funeral Home successful is that there is a lot of help during funerals.

“We go the extra mile. We park the cars. A man is at the door and there is parking lot security,” said Shaker. “Our prices are reasonable for the services we have. We deliver flowers after the funerals.”

There are two TVs available for the family to put up about 30-35 pictures that play for mourners to view.

Shaker has two rooms with two chapels as well as a large room full of flowers upon entering.

“We handle everything from cemetery to church to flowers to calling for the mass to digging the grave,” he noted. “You just make one call.”

Customers just need to give the funeral home clothes and a photograph.

A national average cost for a funeral is $8,755. Average casket $2,400. Average vault $1,395.

But Shaker offers funerals for less than that average price. In fact, a funeral at Shaker can be about $6,645. Veterans services are even lower. There are several packages to choose from depending on your needs. Each cost is shown so customers can choose what is needed. Some can be as high as $8,485.

“We offer pre-arrangements, irrevocable and revocable trusts for Title 19. We have traditional and non-traditional funerals or cremations,” Shaker added. “We also ship and receive human remains.”

All faiths and nationalities can be served. Shaker has experience in Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish and Asian funerals, having worked in funeral homes that handled those faiths.

The home is family owned and operated and provides a funeral service with personal service and a commitment to value.

For more information email, visit or call 860-229-9006. CT toll free number is 1-800-431-4500.