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Pigskin Predictions


Every single playoff game last weekend was exciting. I am shocked that Kansas City allowed such a come back by the Tennessee Titans. Atlanta was my upset winning pick. Jacksonville squeaked by Buffalo and it was certainly interesting in New Orleans. I was 3-1 for the week and am 128-65 for the year.

This week is very interesting. I picked 1 underdog, but was tempted to choose 2. Only 1 game will be a blow out. The NFC has 4 very good teams playing.

Atlanta 24, Philadelphia 27 – I still like the Eagles even without Carson Wentz. Atlanta is better than people think, but I am taking the home team who is also the under dog.

Tennessee 16, New England 33 – I would be shocked to see the Patriots lose here. They can be beat by Pittsburgh, but not by the Titans. Should be a blow out.

Jacksonville 17, Pittsburgh 19 – I expect a very close game. In the last meeting Jacksonville blew away Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger threw 5 interceptions. That won’t happen next Sunday.

New Orleans 28, Minnesota 31- This is the game of the weekend. I almost gave the Saints the edge since they have the better quarterback. This will be high scoring and either team can win. Winner could be Superbowl bound.

Top 5 Power Rankings

  1. New England
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Minnesota
  5. New Orleans