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Pigskin Predictions


In my last published predictions I was 15-1 putting me at 125-64 on the season. It is time for the playoffs.

Who do I think will win it all? I do not have any big upsets. I am picking Philadelphia to beat Minnesota in the NFC and New England over Pittsburgh in the AFC. Of course I predict New England to win it all. But, honestly any one of those four teams could take the title this year. There will be no blowouts among those teams. All 4 are excellent. If those teams do not make it, watch out for Atlanta or Jacksonville.

My least favorite teams in the playoffs are Buffalo and Tennessee. Neither should get past the Wild Card weekend. Bet against them.

Kansas City 30, Tennessee 17 – Not a great game

Atlanta 24, LA Rams 23 – Upset

Buffalo 13, Jacksonville 33 – Blow-out

Carolina 23, New Orleans 28 – Best game of the weekend

Top 5 Power Rankings

  1. New England
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Philadelphia
  4. Minnesota
  5. Jacksonville