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Editor’s Note 1/4/2018

It is hard coming back from two weeks off. I want to thank readers for giving me a chance to take time off for the holidays. I went to Cancun for Christmas and had a great time. I hope your holiday was just as fun.

I am back and ready to bring you the best news from the City.

We will work hard this year to give you a different take on the City. It is always our mission to give you a fair side of the stories that are important to the City.

This week we are taking a look at the five most important goals of Mayor Erin Stewart for New Britain this year. They are leading the City in a great direction.

It is nice to see more marketing for our great businesses. It also helps to bring in new ones.

Great technological innovations are planned including energy saving measures. It takes fresh ideas to make new innovations.

I am also excited to see downtown improve. I cannot wait for the Beehive Bridge. I think I am more excited than the Mayor about that one.

A new web page will also give residents a chance to help the City fix blight. I hope many of those who complain about problems use it to better our City.

And lastly, the budget is always a problem. I am still disgusted that it took so long for a State budget. It hurt our City badly and State Representatives need to be held accountable. If our taxes rise, they are directly responsible. We will keep you updated on how it is being handled.

This week, we also look at the Mayor running for Governor or another position. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Name recognition outside the area may be a problem. We wish her luck in whatever she chooses.

If you run a raffle, bingo or bazaar you better read the information on page 3. It is being handled by the police department now. Don’t submit information to the State.

A new Berlin business has opened under new management. It is Lili’s Bakery and Cakes. See story on page 4.

I’m still in need of new jokes and story ideas. Email them to me at

Here is our latest joke.

A man was hit in the head with a soda.

Good thing it was a soft drink.

I prefer diet Coke myself.

Until next week, be careful what you drink and keep reading New Britain’s Number 1 Most Trusted Newspaper!