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Lili’s Bakery and Cakes Replaces Leone’s


Are you looking for a new bakery? Have you previously gone to Leone’s Bakery on New Britain Rd in Berlin?

New owners have taken over at 259 New Britain Rd for a new bakery known as Lili’s Bakery and Cakes.

On Nov. 10th DJ Juganaru and Lili Orlenau bought the store.

“My sister Lili is the baker. She baked for other places,” said Juganaru. “She worked and found this place for sale and she said lets try it. She is the best baker here. Especially the cakes and bakery you can’t find one like her from Hartford.”

Originally from Hungary, Juganaru came from California to start the bakery while Orlenau has been in the area.

“So far I like it but it is moving slow. People say all the time they love this bakery very much. They try to bring people all the time,” said Juganaru. “A lot of people go somewhere else because they don’t know we have a great bakery.”

The owner of the previous bakery on the premises told her customers the store was closing. Many people do not realize it is still open under new management.

The bakery has many pastries and cakes. It includes French pastry, Italian cookies and much more.

“We do lunch. We have a lot of food,” said Juganaru. “We have veggies, potatoes, meatballs, sausage and peppers, fried seafood like salmon and cod. And pasta and tortellini and cabbage rolls and chicken.”

A new kabob and gyro machine is also ready for use.

There is also stuffed breads such as cheese, bacon, ham and spinach. Portugeuse and Italian breads are also available.

The bakery has an active Facebook page and several people wrote reviews.

“I went in to Lili’s and was warmly greeted by DJ and his sister Lili. Delightful people who will do anything to make you happy. They have wonderful trays of food available at lunch time of all different sorts. It’s like you just want one of everything,” said Elaine Andrews. “Their stuffed spinach sausage and potato bread is absolutely delectable. Much better than any place I’ve had locally in the last 10 years. It was just like my grandfather made it. I always get a slice of take out pizza to have later in the day. Huge slices and so good! I have yet to try everything but it’s a great place to pick up extra when company is coming! This place is truly a gem, better than any of the local bakeries that I’ve been to in the area.”

“I came to check this place out a few weeks ago and got a cheescake/carrot cake pastry and was not disappointed! I noticed they have a good selection of hot foods so today when I forgot my lunch I stopped in and picked up a few things,” said Lynne Gavrilis. “A little peach shaped pastry caught my eye. It was so adorable I had to have it. Everything was delicious! The owners are extremely friendly and welcoming. The place is clean and the displays are mouthwatering. I’m so glad to have a family run real bakery in the area.”

The bakery also does catering. Platters and sheets are available for meals and desserts.

There are three who work at the bakery, but DJ greets customers each day.

“I am happy to open the door to anyone. I want to smile and talk to them,” said Juganaru.

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