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New Britain in 2018

What will 2018 bring to New Britain? The answer is simple. A lot.

If you just look at downtown you will see changes taking place to the landscape.

The Beehive Bridge is expected to be completed. It will bring a bevy of colors and add a shimmer to our city. The New Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge Lights Illuminates New Haven. It is impressive. New Britain will follow suit. It will also feature the City symbol of a beehive and improve walking of the bridge.

Other road improvements downtown include a rotary and easier access to CTFastrak and a better driving flow.

In 2018 we will see Bees as a theme. The Bees Across New Britain will be completed and our City will become a destination point for visitors to catch a glimpse. The six foot bee figures will become a can’t miss art event throughout the State.

The first building of Columbus Commons should be built. How fast renters and businesses fill the property is unknown. It’s potential is terrific and if it comes together quickly, it can provide a boost to downtown.

The Kitchen will open in place of Grand Pizza. It’s owner – Vincent Placeres – told the City Journal it will open slowly. First the bar. Then the restaurant. In February possibly entertainment. This could bring some nightlife back to downtown.

The political scene in New Britain is likely to bring some changes. After the election non-partisan politics was the hope. Since then, a few things have already changed.

Do not be surprised to see a lot of bickering as the Democrats have regained power in the Common Council.

It appears Mayor Erin Stewart may run for a State position. Will she run for Governor? The City Journal feels she should, but would not be surprised if she is nominated for lieutenant governor instead. A governorship may be a few years away.

If she wins, how will that affect New Britain? It will certainly be interesting that is for sure.

What else will happen in 2018. Property values have risen which could amount to more taxes for homeowners. A new dog park may open. A Gay Pride Parade could take place. A redone A.W. Stanley Pool Project is on tap and the results of the Tilcon Prpject Study will be released.

Yes, it is definitely going to be an interesting year. Enjoy the ride!

NB central park monumentEditor | New Britain City Journal