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Readers Say They Will Spend Less This Holiday


In the New Britain City Journal Facebook group we asked this month, “Are you spending more on the holidays, less or the same as previous years? Why?”.

Most readers responded saying they will spend less this year. The reasons vary.

“It’s not easy since I’m in college, but like a lot of people in New Britain, I try to do the best I can,” said Kenneth A Haas. “With that said, I am fortunate for what I have already, friends and family.”

Patricia Ann Johnson said, “Less. Trying to get into Christmas spirit very difficult. Very happy for being alive and at my home.”

Mayor Erin Stewart had a very good reason saying, “Less, we have a wedding to pay for!”

“Much less,” said Elaine Andrews.

“A lot less,” added Maryann Liburdi.

“Less, had to phase out adults and focus on the kids (under 18) this year,” said Amy Memory. “The reason is the costs are going up and my pay is going down …mandatory furlough days, taxes went up, or “reassessed”… making it hard to get by never mind enjoy.”

“All the adults 19 years old and older put a minimum of $10 and lots more if they can afford more of money in for all the children 18 years old and younger,” said Sharon Facey-Truglio. “One person collects that money and then asks the parents what their children would like. Gift card to toys .Then Santa comes and passes out the toys. We eat and eat all night long then we sing while I play the piano and my son in law plays the guitar.”

“Less. It’s more important to spend time with the people you love than spend money on them or make them spend money on things we don’t need,” said Dwight Blint. “The holidays have gotten too materialistic.”

Suzanne Parlow said, “Way less!”

Kathleen Leiner said she will spend more.

“More on the grandbabies,” said Carmelo Rodriguez. “And definitely eat more with the familia.”

“Less. It’s stress free,” stated Kasandra Marbury. “It’s about my time that I spend with others.”

“Less. I was widowed from my first husband. We had two kids together,” said Kathleen Dziadik. “I’m now expecting a third with my current love. Money is tight. But I committed to finding sales. So while I’m spending less, my kids will still have plenty under the tree!”

“Less this year, because my list got shorter, responded Nancy Yuknot. “But that means I can spend more on people that are still on my list if that makes sense lol.”

“I am giving more to charitable organizations this year,” Joe Shilinga added.

“Less material things,” said Karen Pelletier Silva. “Time and love shared with family is way better than trying to express love with material things because they are opposites.”

“Way less,” stated Athene Ostrowski. “Single mom now, just bought a house & send my boy to Catholic school… no money for gifts.”

“Less because I’m still unemployed, but I’m not complaining about either fact at all,” said Conni Wiebe Nogas. “I get to be home and present for our teenager, and I have time to make and bake things for loved ones instead of supporting the likes of Walmart.”