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Most Readers Unhappy Stores are Open on Thanksgiving


Most people in the New Britain City Journal Facebook group said they were unhappy that stores are open on Thanksgiving Day and will not shop.

Our Questions of the Month was “How do you feel about stores being open on Thanksgiving? Will you shop then?”

Below are many of the responses.

“I think workers deserve to have the day off with their families as well. I understand that hospitals, police, and fire fighters, etc. have to work,” said Ramona Kubilius Anderson. “But we can all wait to get a TV on sale for another day!!”

Rich Janusz said, “We never shop on Thanksgiving, that is a time for families. I applaud the Mall Of America for closing on Thanksgiving.”

“Hate it. My daughter works at Pink,” said Kathryn Molnar. “She has to work 5 p.m. thru midnight Thanksgiving then 8-4 on Black Friday. Thanksgiving cut short!”

Margaret Malinowski, who owns Staropolska, said, “No! No shopping everyone should have it off. We close our restaurant also. This is family time!”

“That is not right and I heard Wal-Mart is opening and doesn’t even pay their people holiday pay,” commented Eleanor Bulawa Ginda. “Which really is bad.”

“Maybe. I worked many a Thanksgiving and many a Christmas Day,” said Christine Fairwood. “If it was first shift. We ate after 4 p.m.”

“Hell no. We have way too much fun with our company,” said Stephen Hard. “Besides, I hate shopping. I AVOID Black Friday. You couldn’t pay me to shop on Thanksgiving or the day after. God bless the Internet!”

“Amato’s New Britain is closed so we can all spend the day as we please,” according to Sheri Pike Amato. “I don’t shop on Thanksgiving. I spend time with friends and family.”

“No shopping,” said Jacqueline Lux. “Store employees should be able to be home with their families.”

“Owners of the stores have the right to decide if they want to open or not. And people can decide to shop or not. That holiday pay is nice and sometimes employees actually look forward to it. While many say no, its family day, we’ll that can be said for many holidays,” commented Sammi-jo Walker. “Some stores are opened only half hours some aren’t. Don’t forget those stores use holidays as days where lots of last minute shoppers show up with things they forget, or need extra due to last minute unexpected guests. If ya’ll don’t wanna shop then don’t shop. But let’s also not forget that some people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.”

“I’m old school. All stores close for Thanksgiving and the transformation to Christmas is the DAY AFTER Thanksgiving,” added Janet Peichert. “And while I’m on my soapbox let me add that I find it absolutely horrible that Santa and Mrs. Claus are already at West Farms Mall. Let’s get through one holiday before we start another! Just my opinion.”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” said Jodi Rybczynski. “Some people have nothing to do so would rather be working.”

Alberta Echevarria Marin stated, “Every store should close for all holiday thanksgiving and Christmas is a family time. Will I shop black Friday? The sales are not as good any more plus by the time you get in the store the items are sold out.”

“Poor Thanksgiving. I know no one follows the liturgical calendar anymore but the Christmas season goes from Christmas Eve til January 6th which is Epiphany or King’s Night, when the wisemen appeared,” added Rosemary Rorrio. “This rush for Christmas is a marketing ploy.”

Dawn Cyr said, “No, Thanksgiving is for family time…from a granddaughter of a New Britain policeman back in the day!”

“I think it’s up to individual stores enough employees agreed to be open than they should be,” commented Alden Russell.

“Says a lot about our society and our shift in priorities. Family values are being trumped by consumership and greed,” added Desiree Costa. “We are a pretty traditional family and we intend to keep it that way. We won’t be doing anything but eating, watching football and enjoying our family ALL DAY on Thanksgiving.

Lorraine Stub said, “I won’t shop on Thanksgiving. I think employees should have the day with family and friends. It’s the one day we come together before the rush to shop begins. Does everything have to be about buying stuff?”

“It would be nice if employees of stores open had a choice to work or not, I HAD to work, no choice, it was mandatory so I don’t shop on Thanksgiving,” stated Alison West.

“I personally DON’T shop on Thanksgiving Day, but it doesn’t bother me that anyone does,” said Deb.

“I worked in retail it’s the worst idea. People should be with their family not out making themselves frustrated,” said Eileen Castrogiovanni.

Patricia DonAroma added, “If you don’t want to shop stay home. Naive of people to think everyone has a lovely family to spend the day with. Not so. Shopping can ease the pain of those alone on Thanksgiving. Families enjoy the new tradition of shopping after dinner.”