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Editor’s Note 11/09/17

Tuesday night was certainly at interesting Election night. Coming into the night I knew the Democrats worked hard and were going to make some changes.

Last year I saw the Republicans take the Super Majority, but I realized it is never good for one Party to have so much power. It is always better to have it evenly split. It was not a surprise to see the aldermen go to 9-6. I was surprised to see the Democratic Party have the 9. I thought it would be the other way.

I am hoping the New Britain Democrats do not just stop everything Mayor Stewart is doing just because she is doing it. I hope they vote what is best for the City and not the Party. I will be watching closely the next two years and my voice on the matter will be loud and clear.

I don’t expect the Democrats and Republicans to agree on every issue. That would be silly. I just want to see the City progress because many good things are happening.

I also do believe that Pres. Donald Trump played a role in this election. The hatred of him by many residents was held against the Republican Party. Many candidates running on the Republican slate don’t support Trump, but were blamed for his election. Many of them aren’t even Republicans.

And for the record, I am a Democrat who did not vote for Trump. Many, from both parties, assume I am a Republican and a Trump lover. Sorry, you are wrong.

I want to congratulate everyone who won. Both parties worked hard. I wish you all the best for the next two years.

So what else is in the paper this week?

We have a new senior center director in Rex Cone. Read about him on page 3. He will soon be writing a weekly column on the center for our paper.

Who has the best Latin food? Find out on page 2.

Also Moody’s downgraded New Britain thanks to not having a State budget passed. All those working at the state level should be fired for hurting our City. Remember this next Election Day. See Moody’s story on page 4.

Check out page 7 for a fabulous story on the girls powder puff football team. That is a tough sport. I’ve seen them play in previous years. Get to the game if you can.

Time for a joke.

“What’s the difference between in-laws and outlaws?

Outlaws are wanted.”

Until next week keep the in-laws away and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!