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Top 10 Latin Places To Eat in New Britain or Berlin


We didn’t make 10 places this month. We have 7 places, all in New Britain, where you can find some great Spanish or Latin style food.

  1. Criollisimo, 240 Arch St., New Britain. Criollisimo is a consistent winner of best Puerto Rican food in the State and takes best Latin Style in the City.
    Simple kitchen serving typical Puerto Rican eats such as pernil & plantains in a buffet-style setup.
    Facebook readers bragged about this restaurant.
    Criollisimo is an award-winning restaurant that has been serving Puerto Rican cuisine on Arch Street—recently designated “Barrio Latino”—since 1992. The owner, Brenda Torres, also offers catering services. Torres recently added a new façade, signage, awning, improved exterior lighting, and an enclosed outside dining area. The restaurant has seating for around 60 people.
  1. Mofongo, 260 Main St., New Britain. It hasn’t been open a year yet and already is a favorite. For its Puerto Rican and American Cuisines.
    According to its website, “It all starts with a Dream and a Vision. I wanted to bring a fresh take on what Puerto Rican and American food can be. Focusing on fresh quality and quick service, our food is our focal point while giving our guests outstanding service. Now Mofongo is the opportunity for us to express our passion for Latin American cuisine. Come on down to try one of our Mofongo Bowls or just indulge on one of our Gourmet Cupcakes. “
    One reader said he got hooked on Puerto Rican food because of Mofongo.
  1. Negrita’s Restaurant, 80 West Main St., New Britain – A top 3 this is another Spanish restaurant.
    No-frills resource for homestyle Spanish & American cooking dished out at the counter. Gets big approval ratings from readers.
  1. Borinquen Bakery, 610 Arch St., New Britain – A bakery that is always tops in the City and it also serves great lunch sandwiches.
    Borinquen Bakery, LLC, established in 2001, is a family owned bakery and pastry shop located in New Britain and specializing in Puerto Rican products.
    It’s mission is to provide delicious and quality baked goods with competitive prices while providing excellent customer service in an inviting atmosphere.
  1. El Malecon, 516 Main St., New Britain – Spanish & Caribbean Restaurant. It features a great display and many interesting foods to choose from.
  2. Taco Bell, 20 East Main St., New Britain. Yes, people voted for Taco Bell. The fast-food chain serves Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.
  3. Chinatown Express, 202 East Main St., New Britain. Believe it or not this Chinese Restaurant serves some pretty good Spanish food. Food includes empanadas, potato balls and more.

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