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Plans in Works for Christmas Movie to Be Shown Publicly


While everyone will be able to watch the Christmas movie made in New Britain on Nov. 26 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime, plans are also being made for the public to view it on a bigger screen somewhere in the City.

Sheri Amato of Amato’s Toys is looking into a spot the movie previously called “Christmas Hours” and now known as “A Very Merry Toy Store” so it can be shown to a larger audience for its opening night show.

“I have calls into two different places,” said Amato on Wednesday.

The movie starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez was filmed at various locations throughout the City this past summer including Amato’s Toy Store, Central Connecticut State University and Miss Washington Diner. Court Street was the setting for the Christmas Festival.

Many city residents played roles as extras including Amato who was a character named “Donna” and Mayor Erin Stewart who played a disgruntled customer.

The movie came to New Britain as Sheri’s husband Steve Amato started chatting with a local movie producer about the toy store while eating dinner at West Side Tavern. Later Steve received a phone call stating a movie was being made about a toy store and asked if Amato’s Toy and Hobby would be interested in having it filmed there. He quickly said ‘yes’.

The movie will be about Connie Forrester (Hart), a young single mom, and Will DiNova (Lopez) who each run a small, family-owned toy store in Connecticut. The two, along with their families, have been business rivals for years. Then a big box store, Roy’s Toys, opens right before Christmas. In order to save their businesses, the two will band together and in the process, might just find love in time for Christmas.

The film was made by Synthetic Cinema International.

More details to come on where the film might be shown as they become available. Please check our Facebook group for updates.