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Editor’s Note 11/2/2017

It was so nice to see such a big turnout on Tuesday night for the New Britain Halloween Safe Zone. We put our heart and souls into that each year. The children are so adorable. I would like to thank everyone involved in making it a success including our Master of Ceremonies Sharon Beloin Saavedra who did an outstanding job. This year we raised over $7,000. Most of that went to candy.

I spent all day Monday buying over 150,000 pieces of candy. I bought more Tuesday.

It is nice to see children have a fun and safe night. Halloween has always been special to me. I loved it as both a kid and an adult. October is my favorite month of the year. Of course I watch horror movies each night of the month. I love the oldies with Frankenstein and Dracula. Michael Myers is my favorite slasher. I like Scream as well. I’m not a fan of gory movies like Saw.

See more on page one about the Halloween Safe Zone.

Election night is Tuesday. I hope you read our editorial. I have heard a lot of stuff about Mayor Erin Stewart from her opposition. Don’t believe most of it. A lot of it is taken out of context. I was disappointed to see that. I had hoped there would be more honesty this time around. I know New Britain residents are smarter than listening to untruths.

We have information this week on the election throughout the paper. Details you may need to know when voting are on page 1. Mayoral profiles are on page 5 and board of education profiles are on page 6.

Another bit of exciting news is that the movie filmed in New Britain will be shown on Nov. 26 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. We may get a City showing. I think it will be packed wherever it is. See page 3 for more information and mark it on your calendar.

Also, check out 15 Minutes of Fame on page 2 and see if you know anyone. It’s always fun to learn more information about your neighbors.

Since I am all out of Halloween jokes, I have one sent in by a reader.

Q: What name did the hamburger couple give their daughter?

A: Patty

What else could it be? Did you expect it to be Francis or Frank? Wrong sandwich.

If you have a joke for me, send it to

Until next week, name your child appropriately and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!