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Elections 2017


The New Britain City Journal asked those running for The Board of Education and Tax Collector this November to write profiles about themselves for the paper. Below are submissions from the candidates that responded.


Mallory Duprey (Democrat endorsed by Republican party)

Mallory Duprey joins Team Stewart after showing a strong commitment to education and youth involvement throughout her life. Duprey is currently the School Age Program Coordinator for the YWCA in New Britain and is responsible for the oversight of all out of school programming from kindergarten to 12th grade. Duprey is also the chair of the Professional Development Committee for the Coalition for New Britain’s Youth and is an active member of the Board of Education. Duprey feels that her commitment to working with children within the community can help forge a relationship between different communities and agencies that will make a stronger and more cohesive New Britain.

Nick Mercier (R-Incumbent)

Nick Mercier has done a tremendous job assuring our students have the best chance at succeeding in our schools. In the past four years, Mercier has worked hard to get our fiscal house in order and reshape the culture of our schools. He needs your help to assure our most valuable asset, young students, are given the best chance at excelling in the classroom. A music education major at SUNY Potsdam and later getting his Masters degree in music pedagogy from the Hartt School of Music, Mercier has worked with students of all sorts since his college days. He currently works as a music teacher and is the proud father of his seven-year-old son and two-year-old daughter. Mercier and his wife Kati have been living in New Britain for over a decade, making lasting ties to the community all along the way.

Annie Parker(D)

Annie Parker is running for Board of Education on the Democratic Slate alongside Mayoral candidate Merrill Gay. She is running on a platform of improving education, and specifically making sure the needs of Special Education students are met.

Annie has been a teacher in New Britain for 37 years, and has a Masters degree from CCSU. Her children attended New Britain Schools, and her grandchildren attend New Britain Schools. She has also in the past been a member of the New Britain Democratic Town Committee, and has volunteered her time to help out with many elections.

Annie has faith in our schools ability to improve, given the right leadership and finances. She believes our schools need to “Improve continuing services for Sp. Ed students” and “To professionalize and improve effectiveness of Human Resources.”

Nancy Rodriguez (R)

Nancy Rodriguez brings an array of experience to Team Stewart through her community and educational involvement both within and outside of New Britain. Rodriguez worked for the school system for 14 years as a Para educator and for the last nine years has worked in the Career Center, helping students make the transition from high school to college. Rodriguez currently serves as the Vice Chair for Commissions on Community and Neighborhood Development since 2013. Rodriguez’ dedication to community service doesn’t stop there. She is a women speaker on abortion and domestic abuse, teaches as a Bible study teacher, does outreach at the House Restoration Church in Hartford, and has traveled to Guatemala on a mission trip. Rodriguez is the wife of Carmelo Rodriguez and the mother of three children who she claims to be her greatest accomplishments.

Daisy Sanchez (D-Incumbent)

Daisy Sanchez is running for Board of Ed because of an interest in New Britain schools receiving adequate funding and increasing parental involvement in the schools. She is running on the Democratic slate with Mayoral candidate Merrill Gay.

Daisy works as a secretary at a High School in Meriden. She holds a Bachelor’s degree In HR Management. She is also currently the Secretary and Chair of Personnel for the Board of Education.

She has been involved in politics before, working for a number of campaigns including for former Alderman Tobias Freeman. She hopes in office she can “continue to advocate for diversity and minority recruitment along with continuing to make the reduction of class size a priority.”

Violet Sims (D)

Violet Sims is running for Board of Ed, while also being an educator herself and being a doctoral candidate at the university of Bridgeport.

Violet is a long time member of the Democratic Town Committee, and through that has stayed up to date on the politics of the town. She has a B.A. and Masters from UCONN.

Her goals on the Board of Education are based on both making sure the schools are well funded as well as making sure the money is responsibly managed. She also wants to make sure “All student and families needs are met.”


Cheryl Blogoslawski (R)

Cheryl Blogoslawski holds one of the more difficult jobs on the entire slate: taxes. Blogoslawski, who has experience working in finance and real estate, handles an array of tasks that require experience on both the private and public side of the spectrum. From assisting in budgeting and forecasting to working with constituents, Blogoslawski is constantly innovating the tax department and making it easier for residents to take care of their assets in a timely and productive manner.

Lanette Spranzo Macaruso (D)

Lanette Spranzo Macaruso, the Democratic nominee for Tax Collector, says her priority will be efficiency, accuracy and bringing more transparency to the city’s tax collection system in her first run for elective office on the slate led by Mayoral candidate Merrill Gay.

A lifelong New Britain Democrat, Spranzo Macaruso is a tax preparer and has extensive experience in the marketing and communication field and as a college writing instructor. She holds a master’s degree in educational media from Central CT State University.

As Tax Collector Spranzo Macaruso says her goal in city government will be “wise management of the city’s resources. We need to promote innovation and sustainability that inspire residents to work together for a safe, financially secure, educationally progressive and culturally enjoyable community.”

Spranzo Macaruso is an active volunteer in the city at the New Britain Industrial Museum. She participates in Protect Our Watersheds CT, a new environmental group, that advocates for preservation of the city’s watershed and natural resources.