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Editor’s Note 10/26/2017

I try to let people speak and have a voice. But, I will not tolerate misinformation. In a letter on this page and on our Facebook page, people have said that Mayor Erin Stewart’s predecessor did not try to sell the water department and she has done it.

That information is false. Mayor Stewart did try to sell a well in Patton Brook well. Never did she attempt to sell the entire water department. If she did, believe me I would be all over it.

I FOI’d the City several months ago and have seen emails by former Mayor Tim O’Brien and his staff that certainly infer that he was interested in selling the entire water department. If he had been re-elected I believe that would have been on the table. Would it have gone anywhere? I don’t know.

But those are the facts and not political jargon.

This has nothing to do with Democrat candidate Merrill Gay. He was not involved in selling anything.

I am disturbed that this misinformation is being distributed. I dislike politics because of the half truths out there. Please, both sides be accurate. Get the facts and stop believing and putting out nonsense. Run your campaign on the truth please.

On Saturday was a fantastic ceremony for veterans. Each received a medal. It was so nice to honor men and women who did so much for our country. I felt emotional just being in the presence of these heroes. Thank you for your dedication and service.

I hope you have saved textiles for the new recycling program? More information is forthcoming, but there was a ribbon cutting on Wednesday. See more on page 2.

Halloween is Tuesday and I could not be more excited. We spent the last year working and raising money for the event so our kids can be safe on Halloween night. It all seems worth it on Oct. 31 to see so many happy boys and girls. It is amazing to be part of such a great event. This week we will buy about $5,000 worth of candy. If you want to help out, please leave unopened bags of candy at the NB Downtown District, 66 West Main St.

I continue to get cute jokes emailed to me. Here is one sent in by a reader.

A man is washing his car with his son when the boy goes, “Dad, can’t we use a sponge?”

And yet a second joke.

What do you call a dog with no body and a nose? NOBODY KNOWS.

Until next week use a sponge to clean instead of your child and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!