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Unleash Your Inner Musician


Borrow an acoustic guitar at the library! We’re thrilled to announce that musicians at any level, from novice to virtuosos, will be able to borrow a guitar in our pilot program, starting in November. Thanks to a very generous donation from an anonymous donor, a new collection has been added to the library. We now have several guitars to borrow for adults, teens and children. They can be borrowed one at a time for 21 days, and come with a case and pick. If no one has requested that instrument, a renewal for twenty-one days is available, with a limit of two renewals. Capos and an electronic tuner are also available to check out. We also offer DVDs and books to learn how to play.

Our donor shared that when he was a young, he desperately wanted to play the saxophone. His family was of limited means, and could not afford it. As he grew older, he decided that he would do what he could to make sure that money was not the thing that separated a child from a musical education. His hobby of repairing musical instruments has provided him the opportunity to do this.

It is a perfect match as this is what libraries do – provide equal access. Learning an instrument and playing music has many benefits but access to instruction and often-expensive musical instruments is often a barrier. There are many benefits to playing a musical instrument. They can improve mood, quality of life as well as school performance. But it could be a costly expense fto invest in an instrument. This is a great way to try it out.

Who knows where else this will take us; perhaps a step towards offering other instruments. Stop by the Information Desk to learn more.