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New Textile Recycling Set to Begin Next Week


Residents will soon be getting two pink bags in the mail. These bags are part of Simple Recycling, a free curbside textile collection service that opened it’s doors at 33 John St. on Wednesday with a ribbon cutting.

The recycling business out of Ohio operates in nearly 10 states and makes its debut in Connecticut in the City of New Britain. Simple Recycling, a for-profit curbside textile collection service, collects items such as clothing, jewelry, toys, footwear, and other textile products, and disposes of them at no charge to the customer or municipality.

“We are really looking forward with getting going on the recycling program on Monday. It is going to be a huge success,” said Adam Winfield, founder of Simple Recycling. “We are committed to providing a high level of service to all communities.”

Residents who are interested in receiving disposal bags may reach out directly to Simple Recycling and receive bags free of charge at any time at The bags can be placed next to normal recycling bins and will be picked up on the same day as your normal recycling schedule.

“Put your bag out when your recycling goes out. Put it on the curb and a truck will come by and pick up the pink bag,” said Mayor Erin E. Stewart.

The collected textiles will be broken down at the 33 John St. location where they will then be categorized based on condition and value. A tractor trailer and 3 employees will sort them out.

“This was a perfect spot for it and it is an awesome opportunity for the development of this building too,” said Stewart. “This is becoming an industrial space.”

“The goal of this program is to find a simple and convenient solution so that we avoid clothing being thrown into the trash can,” said Winfield. “All the material is sorted and resold for highest and best use.”

The City of New Britain took the lead on bringing the innovative and quickly growing business to the area. The service will cover approximately 99,000 residencies in the surrounding area and hopes to expand to even more once the service gets underway. A fixed portion of profit generated from the service will be allocated to the City of New Britain.

“We aren’t making money off of this. We are saving on the back end. We know Connecticut has a trash crisis. We are running out of places to put our trash,” said Mayor Stewart. “Because of that Simple Recycling is allowing our community to save money on the tipping fees.”

Shoes, men and women’s clothes regardless of condition as long as they are clean and dry are accepted.

“Our residents understand a little bit and this is a great intermediate step,” said Shari Cantor, Mayor of West Hartford who plans on being part of the program. “It is a very important function. I appreciate the creative ways and ease of supporting our residents.”