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Phase 6 Ready


Phase 6 of the Downtown Streetscape project has been approved allowing Mayor Erin Stewart to reach an agreement with Cardinal Engineering at a cost of $135,000.

The project will involve improvements from Myrtle St. to the East Main St. intersection from Washington St. to Martin Luther King Drive in front of Newbrite Plaza.

“This is is the same work that we’ve done in the downtown area just expanding it,” said Mayor Stewart. “It will narrow the roadway reducing it by an entire lane to make it more pedestrian friendly.”

The curbs will get redone and brick paving will continue as well as a bike lane. The traffic signal will be replaced at the Route 72 on-ramp. East Main St. will be dug up and repaved. Plants, trees and bushes will also be put in the area.

Phase 5 of the streetscape project is the Beehive Bridge. Presently, the City is advertising for it to go out to bid for the construction. This will include bridge re-inforcements, roadwork, walkways and all other concrete work.

The project was split and the public art component is being done by Sign Pro. That part includes the beehives, the bumble bees and decorative fencing.

It is expected to begin in Spring of 2018. It has been fully funded with most funds coming from the State Department of Transportation Local Transportation Capitol Improvement Program.

“We are continuing the construction. We keep pushing forward,” said Stewart. “We are into Phase 6 and now we have added Phase 7 and Phase 8 to the plan as well.”

These phases are not fully funded yet. Applications are beginning for the project which will complete the downtown loop of the project.

These two phases will be from East Main St., across the Harry Truman Overpass down to the intersection in front of 1 Herald Square, then down Chestnut St. past the post office and back down Columbus Boulevard in front of the new Columbus Commons to connect to the work being done presently.

They will include much of the streetscape work done in the previous projects.