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Elections 2017 Ward 5


The New Britain City Journal asked those running for Common Council this November to write profiles about themselves for the paper. Below are submissions from the candidates that responded.

Ward 5

Carlo Carlozzi Jr. (D-Incumbent)


Carlo Carlozzi Jr. is running for re-election of his position on the New Britain City Council representing Ward 5. He has held the seat with distinction since 2009, and since 2015 has served as Minority leader

He is a graduate of the Washington and Lee University, Lexington VA school of Commerce, Economics, and Politics, and is employed by Liberty Mutual as a Sales Representative.

Carlo has served the city of New Britain as Commissioner in a number of commissions, including the Civil Service Commission (1988) and City Plan Commission (1988-1992).

He is also generous with his time and service to a variety of cultural groups in the area, such as the Italian Heritage Society and the CT order of the Sons of Italy of America.

Carlo energetically pursues a platform of economic growth and development in New Britain’s city center and in its neighborhoods. At the same time, Carlo works to control the growth of the city budget and to reduce waste. Carlo puts his intellectual ability and detailed knowledge of the city, state, and federal government to work arguing knowledgeably on issues and reaching across the aisle for approval of measures that benefit all city constituents. In 2017, Carlo led the way in getting the mayor and council to back down on the proposed sale of New Britain’s Patton Brook well, and fought to stop the changes to the city charter that were not in the best interest of the residents.”

Carlo Carlozzi’s is a forceful voice for forward-thinking decisions the city of New Britain makes, and his valued role on the New Britain City Council has never been more necessary for a brighter, more sustainable, and more secure future. Vote for Carlo Carlozzi and his Ward 5 running mate Francisco Santiago on Tuesday November 7, 2017.

Miriam Geraci (R)


Miriam Geraci comes into the election as the co-owner of one of New Britain’s favorite new places to grab a bite to eat. Geraci, born and raised in New Britain, served as a member of the New Britain Board of Education for the last two years and was also a member of the Civil Service Commission. After a 25-year stint as a paralegal, Geraci brought her work ethic and skill set to Main Street where she opened the Hardware City Café. Geraci has organized many successful food drives across the city and has a dedication to making sure small businesses can continue to grow within New Britain and outside businesses can come to New Britain. Geraci will bring a variety of experience to the Mayor’s plan to grow the down town district and make New Britain a place of attraction for all people.

Carmelo Rodriguez (R)


Carmelo Rodriguez joins Team Stewart as the epitome of what it means to be a representative of the people. Rodriguez, who has served in the military and worked as a state corrections officer for 20 years, is an ordained Minister. Rodriguez has dedicated much of his life to ministry and helping the less fortunate and youth, but now sees an opportunity he can’t possibly let pass him by. Rodriguez has a passion for serving and now wants to serve not just those in the agencies he caters to, but the City of New Britain as a whole. President of the Latino Coalition in New Britain, Rodriguez has a voice for many New Britain residents who want to see transparency in government continue to progress. Through his leadership, service, and hard-working mentality, Rodriguez has a lot to offer to each and every resident here in New Britain.

Francisco Santiago (D)


Francisco Santiago is running on the Democratic slate for Alderman representing Ward 5 on the New Britain City Council. A Service Tech Supervisor praised by the pool company for which he has worked for 13 years, Francisco is also a popular volunteer coach for youth football and basketball teams in the city.

A graduate of Hartford High school, Francisco first got involved with the New Britain Democratic party working for the 2014 and 2016 re-election campaigns of 25th Assembly District Representative Robert Sanchez.

Francisco serves has served as board member of the Human Resources Agency (HRA) of New Britain and most recently became vice-chair of the board.

Francisco is running on a platform joining with others to improve programs supporting academic and athletic achievement by school children, and especially by children from lower-income families in Ward 5. In addition to stimulating higher academic achievement, Francisco wants to help get all school children stay actively involved in supervised programs.

Francisco believes that Mayor Merrill Gay has the experience and skill to help the city forge partnerships with parents, neighborhood leaders, educators, and youth groups in improving our schools and their educational outcomes. He wants to join those intent on increasing the numbers of the city’s high school and vocational school graduates prepared to succeed in college, technical school, on the job, and in the community.

Francisco Santiago’s nick name is “Cisco” and his fellow candidates agree – he will rise to the top of the list of the most effective New Britain City Council members ever elected.

Please help make this goal a reality for an energized, focused and more prosperous New Britain, and brighter prospects for student-achievers.