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Residents Weigh-in on NFL Kneeling for National Anthem


This month’s Question of the Month in our Facebook group was, “How do you feel about the recent controversy of the NFL standing or not standing for the national anthem?”

The responses were many with emotions running high.

Karyl Beloin said, “I think it’s wrong to disrespect the anthem the flag and our country. No matter who is the leader this is still a great nation.”

I recently attended the “Golden Kielbasa” Golf Tournament for the DAV Hardware City Chapter, Joe Roman, a WWII vet who stormed the beaches of Okinawa stood for the Pleadge of Allegiance, as we all did,” said Gerry Amodio. “I stand for the flag, and make no judgement for those who choose not to, as our soldiers, fight for the right for our freedoms.”

“They are kneeling to protest abusive and murderous police. They are not protesting the ‘flag’ or any other nationalistic symbol,” said Chazz Button. “In fact, it is a vet who recommended the players kneel during the anthem.”

Mike Smith said, “If they want to kneel let them kneel. I have heard servicemen state that they fought for freedoms which includes the freedom to protest. Remember, countries like North Korea force their citizens to salute the flag. We are not a fascist nation.”

“I am proud of those taking a knee. The protest is about equity and parity, it is about awareness of and stopping of the violence by police against people of color,” said Suzi Singleton. “These people are not kneeling on the flag. They are not turning their backs. They are peacefully taking a stance that is associated with asking, with praying, with begging, and even with honoring.”

“Just because you have the “right” to do something doesn’t mean you should,” said Rosemary Rorrio.

Michelle Landry said, “You can protest and make a point without being disrespectful. Kneeling is disrespectful. I understand the reasoning for it but still disagree with their method.”

“In my opinion they are not conforming with the norm in a respectful way to call attention to a serious problem in this country. If their goal was to disrespect the anthem, the flag and the country a more powerful gesture would be to turn their backs,” said Karen Hudkins. “I think kneeling is a powerful and respectful way to make the point that the American experience is not the same for everyone.”

Maryann Liburdi said, “Yeah, I get the meaning of the protest, but I think it’s totally disrespectful to kneel to our great flag.”

“It’s not about the flag. The flag represents our FREEDOMS, the first and most important is our right to free speech. The National anthem has no place on any playing field,” said Leslie A Parker. “And yes, we have many veterans in my family, all who agree. And all who fear our inalienable rights being taken away!”

“I think it’s getting out of hand. I don’t feel that players should be allowed to kneel,” responded Elaine Andrews. “I think they should respect the flag of the country that they are playing ball in and earning money in.”

Joanne Bruni said, “I stand for the flag but won’t judge those who choose not to.”

“We should worry about what we stand for…instead of those who kneel,” commented George Maloney. “We are not living up to American values as a nation. I feel like it’s the 50’s/60’s all over again. Americans should not have to fight for equal rights AGAIN.”

“They have the right to peaceful protest and they have the voice to make a difference.

In no way are they being disrespectful they are making a statement. Change must be made for things consistently going on that are completely wrong and unjust,” said Francesca Carlton. “I respect them for kneeling and I agree with their point.”

Richard Reyes said, “Its about protesting racism. Trump made it about the flag. People can’t think for themselves.”

“I lost an uncle in WW2 who I never got to meet, you bet your life you stand for the flag,” added Raymond Szparkowski.

“I don’t know anyone who is allowed to protest while they are at work.,” said Jim Sanders Jr. “I personally believe you should never use our flag or our anthem for this purpose I find it extremely disrespectful!”

“People obviously feel very strongly about this topic, which might serve as an eye-opener to how strongly many people of color feel about the unequal treatment they too often receive from law enforcement in this country,” said Catherine Nyhan Cheney. “Which is where this debate started in the first place. The fact that they are taking their anger and frustration to a public forum (i.e. NFL games) in a form of peaceful protest is far preferable to the riots that raged across this country in the 60s. Or vandalizing property like those original Tea Party thugs did in Boston Harbor in 1773.”

“I oppose anyone disrespecting our country. These players make millions in the country that has granted them them these freedoms,” said Michael James. “If they hate this country so much then take your millions and leave. I have sworn off any professional sport that has allowed this to go unchecked. I can do without them.”

“Each individual American should do as they feel,” concluded Alicia Janowski. “That’s the absolute point of living in a free country.”