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Editor’s Note 9/28/2017

I want to thank everyone who advertised in this week’s paper. Last week we were unable to print one due to lack of ads. I am hoping that does not become a trend. Please support us. Email us at

I’ve had several people ask me how I feel about the NFL kneeling during the National Anthem. A tough one. I always stand, but I also understand those who do not. I can see both sides of this issue.

Did you go to the car show downtown on Saturday? It’s so much fun. I love to check out all the different cars. I prefer cars of the 1950s. It seemed like such a great decade. I don’t think I had one favorite vehicle. See more from the show on page 2.

On page 3 is a complaint from the Democratic party against Mayor Erin Stewart. It is old news to some, but still important.

I’m not sure if anything will come out of any of the complaints made against candidates. Seldom do any amount to anything. But, the complaints are interesting.

We soon will have profiles of candidates from both parties. Do not miss what each have to say. It is a great way to help you decide who you should vote for.

On page 1 we wrote some more about the new recycling program. It is not ready yet, but maybe by the end of October. Rags, ripped towels and dirty or stained clothes are all good ideas for this program. None of those will be used at Goodwill or Savers. We hope to have more on the program in the next few weeks. Anything that saves the City money while help saving the earth is a good idea.

Lastly, this week on page 1 we wrote about the medal ceremony for veterans. It is always a great event to honor our servicemen and women. If you served or know someone who did, please sign them up for this special City medal. All the contact information is in the story.

I also have to throw in a “good job” to my Yankees for making the playoffs. Not sure how far they can go, but it is nice to see them participate in the post season.

Time for a joke? How is this?

When women get to a certain age they start getting cats. It’s known as ‘many paws’.

I have a dog, but no cats. LOL!

Until next week, keep getting cats, and reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!