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Editor’s Note 9/14/2017

When it comes to having a dog park in the City, I have mixed feelings. I own a dog and frequently bring her to dog parks in other cities. Most of the time, it is very nice. Occasionally, a bigger dog is aggressive towards my little Schnocker (Schnauzer/Cocker Spaniel mix). Sometimes I will see two dogs growl and go after each other. It is not too often, but it does happen.

My concern in New Britain is the number of pitbulls we have. Some of the pitbulls are trained to be aggressive. Some are not. If the dog is aggressive, I am hoping owners know well enough to not bring them to a dog park.

I would probably bring my dog to the City’s dog park, but I would also be very aware of the other dogs. See more on page 1.

Main Street USA was this weekend. I thought it was the best one yet. Read all about it on page 2.

We are still waiting for a budget and it is getting out of hand. Cities, like Hartford, are going bankrupt because of it. Read how our Facebook group members feel about it on page 3.

It is always nice to have a free newspaper in New Britain. The City Journal hopes to always be free. We make our money off of advertising. But, advertising is often slow. If you want this paper to continue, there must be ads. If you own a business or have something to advertise, please consider us. Since we plan to never charge for news, as we feel everyone needs to know what is happening, advertising is key.

We understand everyone is struggling. The newspaper business is not what it once was. But, it is still important to let people know what is happening in their community.

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Time for a joke.

“I think it’s adorable that they are putting jokes on the side of cookie packages. Like this one. Serving size 3 cookies.”

Until next week, watch what you eat and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!