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What Should Be Done About the State Budget?


This month in our Facebook group Question of the Month, we asked two questions directly related to each other.

They were, “Since we have no new State Budget, what should legislators do to fix it? How do you feel about not having a budget?”

Group members had plenty to say on the subject.

“US government is deep in debt, the state is broke, most cities are broke, too,” said Dick Rosol. “What’s the solution?”

“Is there really a solution? I wouldn’t know HOW to proceed. I’m still angry that even though many of our elected officials all over the whole state saw this coming, no one blew the whistle. Why?,” said Elaine Andrews. “We should not be in this predicament. Any dope could have seen it was coming. If these people are all so smart and we have a financial in a budget office, why did no-one speak up?”

Gerry Amodio said, “Vote every one of them out of office! This is disgraceful!”

“It’s sad, really. Bitter partisanship, local protectionism (even the wealthiest towns don’t want to let go of the money they get from the state), and an unwillingness to participate in any sort of regional services are all dooming us. Our small (geographically) town sizes create so much administrative waste by needing so many separate town governments, school systems, police departments, fire departments, public works departments etc…,” said Todd Davis Cheney. “The make up of our state alone makes it very expensive to run our local governments. Our local governments rely too heavily on the state for funding because you can only squeeze so much taxable property in to the 10-20 square miles that most towns cover. And too many are unwilling to help their neighbors in the next town over. Hard choices need to be made to fix this.”

Bill Weber said, “The Legislature has to tackle the structural reform of State Government so as to be able to begin solving Connecticut’s problems. If it continues to push its financial problems back on the towns, it must eliminate a comparable number of mandates and end binding arbitration for everything except wages.”

“Lock them in a room with no food, water or bathroom breaks until they do their job!,” said Marcia Pucinski Janusz.

“I think they should NOT get paid for ONE FULL YEAR. Let them live off their ‘secret stash’, what’s in their accounts here or ‘off shore’. Let them eat SPAM and PBJ’s,” said Drue Signorelli. “Without that payroll, maybe something could be done!!!”

“It would be nice if we were given concrete answers as to why this is continuing. I’m not buying the typical rising taxes scenario,” said Ann Dilling. “It would also be nice to know what was lost over the past 3 months other than educational spending.”

Guy Allen stated that, “State politicians don’t want to do the obvious – address the State’s wealth inequality. They write laws to protect the wealth of their rich benefactors. If they can’t, then they sit on their hands. In fact, they are sitting on their hands now after unions help by giving millions in concessions. The reason the state got behind the 8-ball? Instead of putting the money gathered awhile ago into retirement accounts, the State spent it. Both parties at the State level are simply protecting the wealth generated by CTs wealthy. We are third maybe second in millionaires per capita.”

“Cut their pay,” said Mike Fitzpatrick.

Cris Yarborough said they should resign.

“Mandatory pay cut INCLUDING the stuttering fool of a governor,” said Donna E. Ploss.

“Legislators should vote for term limits,” said Richard Reyes. “That will make them work faster and eliminate a lot of power from the lobbyists.”

“I would say vote them all out. But at election time they all get back in.,” said Kathy Marold-Kinley. “All I know is if I was so inept at my job I would be out the door.”

Nancy Williams Gavin said, “How about they don’t get paid until there is one?”

“I feel that the Legislature should be in session until a budget is enacted and this should be made law from this point on,” said Scott Quine.

“Why are they cutting funds to the most needy and making furlough days to day programs that they attend?” said Craig Schmitt. “I agree with Nancy no pay until they pass a budget.”