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Top 10 Places to Get a Chicken Meal in New Britain/Berlin


Where can you go to get good chicken? Some like it fried and some like it as chicken parmesan. There are many ways to eat chicken.

The New Britain City Journal Facebook group was asked “Where is the best place to get chicken in New Britain or Berlin?” Here are the Top 10.

  1. Krispy Krunchy Chicken, 687 Arch St., New Britain – This is fried chicken at it’s best. The fast food restaurant has all kinds of chicken. It has specials to make the prices reasonable.
    One reader said, “Their chicken is always fresh and they have great customer service.”
  1. Popeye’s, 527 West Main St., New Britain – Another fast food restaurant with fried chicken. Many great sides and reasonably priced.
    Many readers said they loved Popeye’s and no other place could compare.
  1. Great Taste Chinese Restaurant, 597 West Main St., New Britain. Do you like Chinese food? Their chicken dishes can’t be beat.
    Readers recommended General Tso Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Lemon Chicken.
  1. Tony’s Central Pizza, 1523 Stanley St., New Britain – Yes a pizza place has good chicken.
    Try their Chicken parmesan dinner or Caesar salad w/grilled chicken.
    One reader said, “Fresh. Generous. Better than homemade.”
  1. Portofino’s Italian Restaurant, 246 New Britain Road, Berlin – Do you like Italian food and chicken? It doesn’t get much better than Portofino’s. This high quality restaurant should be on everyone’s list.
  2. Wing it on!, 1537 Stanley St., New Britain – Best known for its wings. It is reasonably priced and has over 20 sauces to choose from. Also chicken salads and chicken wraps.
  3. Bella Pizza, 41 Chamberlain Highway, Berlin – Another great place known for pizza, but with delicious chicken.
    One reader recommends the crispy or grilled chicken salads.
  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken, 412 West Main St., New Britain – When you think of fried chicken, KFC always comes to mind. This fast-food chain is known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides.
  2. Roma’s Bar & Restaurant, 382 Allen St., New Britain – Roma’s always makes our list.
    It is a laid-back pub & neighborhood hangout for draft beer & pub grub such as burgers, pizza & wings. Their wings took first place in our Top 10 Best Wings poll.
    One reader said it has “Roma’s has a great chicken pizza white sauce.”
  1. Frosty Mug, 269 Beaver St., New Britain – Small, but interesting tavern. Food is good.
    One reader recommends stopping by for its chicken wings. Another said its strips are fantastic.

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