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The Yankees so far this season have been on a roller coaster ride. It started so high and then went really low. It started to go back up, but quickly came down.

At this point the team is hard to figure out. It appears the team is very average. I am not confident they will make the playoffs.

Relief pitching is still a sore point. I don’t trust any of them. The announcers keep saying the team has a “deep bullpen”. I smirk each time. Deep, maybe. Good, not so fast.

Aaron Judge is also playing poorly. I hope the pitchers have not figured him out. I expected him to hit 50 + home runs. Now, I am not so sure. I think 45 is closer to reality. I will continue to rise and root for him anyway.

This weekend’s series against the Red Sox is crucial. If we can’t make some headway, it will be difficult. We can beat them including Chris Sale. The team just needs to play like a winner.

I think confidence is low. Some sparks are definitely needed. Aaron Hicks has the potential to do that.

Maybe, by the end of September many starters will be back and the team could get hot. It seriously misses Starlin Castro and Matt Holliday. I have given up hope on Greg Bird.

I just love Ronald Torreyes. He works so hard and can play everyday. I would rather see him at third than Todd Frazier. I would keep Garrett Cooper at first and bench Chase Headley and Frazier. Manager Joe Girardi needs to stop playing veterans because they are veterans. It has been the fresh faces that have played well.

All we can do is hope, watch and pray. Go Yankees!