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It was very depressing to see the Yankees have such a bad road trip last week. The team lost 6 in a row and first place is in jeopardy.

Losing 4 straight to an awful Oakland team is disheartening. Every team has a losing streak, so hopefully it is a fluke.

The pitching has been sketchy. The hitting has also dropped. The Yanks are now ranked 4th in batting average (.274), second in runs (383), 4th in ERA (3.74) and 6th in home runs allowed (79) as of Tuesday morning. Recently the team had been tops in all those stats.

I’m still seeing bad pitching from Tyler Clippard and much of the bullpen. I am happy Aroldis Chapman has returned as it brings some stability to the team.

This week we take on Los Angeles and Texas. It would be nice to see some wins at home. Other than Houston, the American League West does not look very good.

I would expect to go at least 6-4 in the next 10 games.

It is the heart of summer now and baseball games really matter. No longer can we say, it is early in the season. Each game is an important one.

My dad always told me whoever leads the division on the 4th of July will win it. At this point, it could be either New York or Boston. Ack! We need to keep the Red Sox at bay. It’s time to win.

Keep voting in the all-star game at as Aaron Judge leads all vote getters.

Go Yankees!