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Although I love my Yankees, I always find there are players that just make my skin crawl.

This year that player is Tyler Clippard. Each time he goes to the mound I cringe. Occasionally he pitches fine. Most days I watch him and he blows the game or puts men on base or blows up someone else’s game. His line looks fine, but he just is so unpredictable.

The Yanks rave about their bullpen. I don’t think it is that good. Aroldis Chapman and Dellin Betances are excellent. After that there is no one I feel we can count on.

No one is perfect, but when a game is close in the 7th inning I get nervous.

I would rather keep in a starting pitcher with 120 pitches than rely on one of our relievers.

Who do you feel confident in?

Please keep voting at for the all-star game. Aaron Judge and Starlin Castro have good chances of making it. I truly believe Brett Gardner deserves to be there as well. Also, please vote for New Britain’s George Springer. He is not getting enough votes.

I did vote Gary Sanchez because I think the second half of last year should count for something.

The rest of the bases are really up for grabs for me. I chose some Yankees, but really went with the most deserving players.

We take on the rival Red Sox week. I think it will be as tough as usual. I hope to win the 2 out if 3 in the series. Boston really is the team to beat in the American League East. If the Yankees match up well against them, I think we can win the division.

If not, then the rest of the season could be a battle.

On the weekend we take on Baltimore.

Yanks need to win these divisional battles.

Go team!