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Aaron Judge and the rest of the Yankees have definitely cooled down a bit. A series against tough Houston pitching slowed everyone down.

The biggest problem, however, was very evident in the pitching. Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka could not get through three innings. If it wasn’t for the long relievers the Yankees would have been in big trouble. The huge bats kept them in game.

All teams should be afraid of the Astros. I believe they should be the favorites to win the World Series. Led by New Britain’s George Springer, this team is very exciting. Both their hitting and pitching are fantastic.

I love Springer, but stop killing my Yankees!

Did you see Derek Jeter Day? It was fun to watch. I am so glad to see him get so many honors. He was one of a kind. He is probably the best overall ball player I have seen in my lifetime. He embodied all that is great about the game of baseball. No one can compare to Jeter. The Number 2 should be retired across baseball.

Our opponents the next week are Kansas City and Tampa Bay. The Royals can be scary. They are a very good team even though they are presently in last place in the American League Central. They should not be overlooked.

We play them 7 times in the next 10 games. I am hoping we go 5-2. I think we can at least take 2 out of 3 against the Rays.

Of course, it depends on pitching. But I believe Severino and Tanaka will snap back.

As far as Judge goes, I am not surprised by his slow down of home runs. No one can continue the streak he had. He still will hit 40 if he does not suffer any injuries. He could battle Springer for most AL home runs.

Gary Sanchez on the other hand is worrisome. I expected 40 home runs from him as well. So far he has 2. I will be happy to see him hit 25 at this point.

If Sanchez and Greg Bird get on track, when he returns, can you imagine a more powerful offense in baseball? Wait until June and the Bombers may blow everyone out of the water.