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I’m A New Britain Republican


Since I registered to vote when I was 18, people always ask me why I’m a Republican.  “You’re not rich!”, they always say.

Yes, I’m not rich.  I’m not a member of the 1 percent.  I live in a small house in New Britain not some mansion in Greenwich.  My parents were hard working and my grandparents immigrated here from a foreign country with only the clothes on their back.  I’m not a rich trust fund kid.  Why am I a Republican?

I’m a Republican because I work hard for my money and want to make sure that it is not wasted.  I’m a Republican because I want to make sure that when a budget is passed by the Common Council, every line item has been scrutinized.  I’m a Republican because I’ve seen budgets passed by Aldermen with phony inflated numbers and then those same Aldermen say that budget was “their proudest accomplishment.”

I’m a Republican because I know that throwing money at a problem isn’t always the solution.  At the same time, I know that sometimes, spending a little on a social program now, may save us more in the future.  I’ve been on boards where I’ve had to review grants and business plans and had to turn down requests because more focus was put on the “good feeling” than helping people was giving rather than if efficiency.

I believe that cultural diversity is one of the most incredible assets to our community. I have many friends who are gay and even more who are not white. I grew up with the guidance and influence of a man who I referred to as my second father, and he was African American.   I’m a firm believer in Dr. King’s dream to “judge by the content of character rather than the color of skin.”  I am a New Britain Republican.

Except for a year in college and a few months before I got married, I’ve lived in New Britain my whole life.  I love History, and have read about New Britain’s “Golden Days”.  I know what this city was like, and how mistakes have hurt us.  I’m a Republican because I believe in looking at the long term rather than looking at the short-term fix.

I’m proud to say that I’m from Hard Hittin’ New Britain.

I’m proud to say that I’m a New Britain Republican!

(The New Britain City Journal invited both political parties to write a column. The Democratic party did not respond to emails.)