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Editor’s Note 2/16/2017

Although I expected a lot of snow in February, I dread it. Shoveling driveways, slipping on ice and freezing cold are not my favorite things.

Apparently, many people risked their lives to go out in the snow last Thursday. What was so important that people needed to go out?

Over 600 people did not feel the need to move their cars off the street and were ticketed or towed. I don’t understand this. If there is over two inches of snow, move your vehicle off the road.

There were so many complaints about snow removal on our Facebook page. The snow plows can only do so much. Residents have to do their part.

Yes, snow was plowed back onto my driveway after it was shoveled. But that has happened as long as I remember. It is not a new phenomena. If someone could fix that problem, it wouldn’t be done.

Please read page 2 for more snow tips and information. I guarantee you another storm will hit. Be prepared.

Last week I wrote about the Governor’s budget effect on education and this week it’s effect on the City. It looks positive. Any time New Britain gets more funding it is huge. See story on page 1.

Our latest Top 10 focused on the best place to get coffee. Did your favorite place make the list? See page 1.

On Wednesday a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for Borinquen Bakery. Many people turned out. It is such a great thing for Barrio Latino. So many new businesses have come lately like Dollar General and Krispy Krunchy Chicken. If you want to see this area grow, please support them.

The bread at Borinquen is sweet and soft and perfect. Sandwiches are fantastic as well as the desserts. See story on page 3.

On page 4 check out the job openings this summer for high school and college students. Don’t wait. The last date to take the entry test is March 18.

Time for a joke from Facebook. I have a good one I think.

“An old lady offers a bus driver some peanuts. He munches them down. Every 5 minutes or so she gives him a handful.

Driver asks her, ‘Why don’t you eat them yourself?’

She replies, ‘I can’t chew. I have no teeth.’

Driver asks, ‘So why do you buy them?’

Old lady replies, ‘Oh, I just love the chocolates around them’.”

Um. Yuck!

Until next week, be careful what you eat and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!