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What Are Your 2017 New Year Wishes?


Wishes for the City and the world were asked to Facebook group members and City leaders this week. Growth was wished for our community and many comments were for peace for the country after a traumatic 2016.

Sheri Pike Kalber Amato – “For everyone to be kind to one another.”

Arnold Schwartz – Peace & prosperity”

Alice Manulla – “More consideration”

Deborah JoAnn Dworak – “Stop the violence. Be kind to one another.”

Mark Zenobi – “Openness and transparency in government at all levels. Peace and kindness throughout the world.”

Todd Davis Cheney – “For people to gain some small amount of empathy.”

Dick Rosol – “Heightened concern for the common good; less greed and self absorption.”

Peggy Coppe Porter – “ From reading the above, seems to be a very common desire among us…kindness. Let’s hope our goal is implemented!”

Ann Dilling – “For the city to continue the path of prosperity and to the world, a true understanding that we are all the same. Peace!”

Downtown District Executive Director Gerry Amodio – “World Peace.”

Nicholas Mercier, president of the board of education – “My sincere wish is that 2017 brings us together as a community, both large and small. I hope that the bitter political battles of 2016 fade to a distant memory and, despite what happens at the National level, New Britain officials continue to do what is best for the city and all of our residents.”

School Board Member Miriam Geraci – “My wish for the City is that we continue to grow in our revitalization and economic development. That we are able to meet the needs of all of our students being educated in our school district and that our graduation rate continues to grow. For the world, I wish for peace and no more war.”

Alderman Daniel Davis – “A Happy & Prosperous 2017!”

Alderman Daniel Salerno – “True bipartisan government, public safety, somehow the ending of violence throughout the World. The only wish worthwhile.”

Mayor Erin E. Stewart – “As we look forward to 2017, my focus will be on continuing to grow our community and sharing the story of our City on the move. I want to make it more enriching for residents and visitors, and encourage more developers to take part in the transformation of our community. I want residents to experience the new and see our City from a different, more invigorated perspective.”