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City Journal Readers Choose New City Slogan


Readers of the City Journal have spoken and the City has listened. After asking readers to choose one of four slogans to be the City’s next slogan “Experience the New” was the overwhelming winner.

It received over 50 percent of the votes. “Connect and Bee Inspired” had 25 percent, “History. Honey. Home.” had 17.5 percent and “Because Old is Boring” got 7.5 percent.

The unveiling of the new slogan will be done at the New Britain Museum of American Art on Jan 24, 2017.

“It is a good one,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “We want to thank everyone who voted and participated. This is another step in re-branding the City and creating a new image for us.”

The Mayor’s Marketing and Branding Roundtable met and narrowed down the slogans.

“We are very happy with the results. ‘Experience the New’ encompasses all the activity surrounding us right now. There is a lot of buzz going on in town. I think that we are using this to attract new investors, new visitors and new residents. It certainly speaks volumes to a lot of the work we have been doing the last couple of years.”

Stewart said there is a lot happening in town and people would be surprised about it.

The logo will go on a variety of materials such as website, social media, hats and t-shirts, and banners around the City.

A survey was taken earlier in the year through the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce. About 350 people took the survey. Seventy percent were residents and the others were business owners.

Some items this study is meant to achieve includes: Changing the image of a city and communicating; a positive message that everyone can get behind; can have far reaching influence on things that matter to a city most.

The following identifies what the city hopes to achieve with a new brand: Competing more effectively for investment dollars from: Business investment, Private investment and State and Federal government; Promoting the downtown; Attracting visitors; and residents to experience the city in a new way; Recruiting job-creating businesses; Changing the image of the city to be proactive instead of reactive; To be more visible statewide and regionally; Better utilization of existing marketing resources; Turning taxes, education and safety into positive messages; Strengthen arts and culture; and more CCSU student presence in the city.

Starting in May there will be City Brochures, a Separate City Event Website, 30-sec. video spots, TV commercials, Brand Event, Social Media and an Instagram for pictures of the City.

The goal is by June 2018 to identify key external stakeholders who can be active supporters of the brand and partner with them to promote the brand.