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Editor’s Note 11/3/2016

The Halloween Safe Zone was amazing. There was a point when I was giving out candy that the entire street seemed packed. It seemed as though everyone came at once.

Some of my favorite children costumes included the Pokemon card, the dinner table and the robot. All three were spectacular.

I dressed as Claire Kent, Clark Kent’s sister. Some people thought I was a gangster. I had to reveal my Superman shirt.

Adult prizes included zombies and jesters.

No matter how much money we raise there never seems to be enough. I need to start fundraising early for next year.

I would like to see more groups participate. Maybe, some singing. The YWCA Thriller dancers are amazing, but they can only perform for one hour. Anyone else out there interested in taking part, please contact me.

I was also hoping for an animated Central Park. Maybe next year.

The elections are Tuesday. Who are you voting for?

We have a brief recap on page 2.

There are also three charter questions. I’m on the fence on question 1 – a 4 year term for a mayor- but after much thought, I am voting for questions 2 and 3. I originally did not like number 3, but once I was educated on it, it made sense. There seems to be controversy about nothing. I keep hearing that aldermen can give themselves a raise now. They always could. The only difference is when they approve the raise. It’s really nothing to be so concerned about. There are some other good changes as well.

If you can, please read it all. It is available at the voting booth. Ask before you enter to read it in its entirety. Or contact an alderman. Make an informed decision.

Frankly, I will be glad when the election is over. I’ve had more than enough posts on Facebook about the presidential race. I don’t want to see any more of it.

Once the election is over it will be time to talk about Thanksgiving. And you known what comes next.

Last week we had snow and on the weekend the stores were packed at the malls. Ut-oh. It’s almost that time of year.

Also be sure to go to our website and pick a slogan at

Also go to our Facebook group to place comments on other suggestions. Read the story on page 1 first.

Here is my joke from Facebook

“Remember on Sunday to set the clock back one hour and then on Tuesday to not set the country back 50 years.”

Until next week, be sure to vote on Tuesday and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!