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Editor’s Note 10/13/2016

The colder weather is definitely here to stay for a while, but the rain is eluding us.

It seems Sundays are cloudy and dreary and weekdays are sunny. I fear when we get rain, it will be in the form of snow. We need rain now, but don’t pray too much for it or we may be clearing off our roofs from too much white stuff soon.

I’m not looking forward to the winter. I love the holidays, but I want January and February to fly by and go directly to Spring. I think most of us feel that way. You think by now someone would have found a way to make that happen.

More details on two big projects were released this week. I’m curious to which one will be completed first.

I was surprised to see that Aquinas will collapse on itself in about 18 months if not renovated. I sure hope that gets fixed up quickly. It’s hard not to see a school there, but it needs to be used for something. It cannot just be demolished. It’s nice to see it renovated. See more information on page 2.

The second project, Columbus Commons, has a lot of potential. I hope many people want to live there. I would like to see what businesses fill the retail space. A lot of good things are on the horizon. We have to be patient for change. It did not take one year to destroy downtown and it won’t take just one year to fix it.

The political season is definitely here. I will refrain from talking about the presidential debates. There is way too much talk and controversy surrounding it.

Local politics are really much more interesting. This week on page 4 we begin our candidate profiles. Please read them before you vote. Don’t just vote party, vote for a person.

Quick reminder that our Halloween Trick or Treat Safe Zone Fundraiser is Monday night. Doors open at 5:30. Tickets are $20 and includes a light buffet and a chance for a door prize. Raffle tickets also available. All profits goes towards the Halloween event. Most money is for candy as we hand out about 60,000 pieces.

Time for a joke from Facebook.

Nowadays, women gives birth to a baby and says “I want to name her Sara.” Doctor looks down on his cell phone and says “Taken. How about Sara7889?”

Until next week, be original and keep reading New Britain’s Number 1 Most trusted Newspaper!