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Family Fun – Fairies


Here at Scraptivity we love our fairies. Good fairies, bad faeries, fairies full of mischief! Those tiny winged creatures seldom leave our thoughts. Sometimes they get up to fun and games here in the shop after the lights have gone out and no one is here! I come in to work in the morning and wonder “how did that get there?” When I look a bit closer there is usually a small trial of fairy dust just around that area of mischief! They like to play in my button basket and rearrange the shells. They have been known to drop a penny and hide in the flowers! Our project for today is to create our own fairies!

Supplies needed:

Popsicle Sticks

White glue

Small amounts of paper

Colored pencils or crayons

Small heart shaped doilies


Optional – pretty button

How to:

The first thing I did was to glue my popsicle sticks into a triangle shape. This will be her dress and body. Allow to dry. You might make a couple of these at once because once you get started you will want to make a bunch!

Next, cut a triangle of paper to glue to the back of the popsicle sticks for her dress. If you are using plain paper you may want to color or paint it. I did use pretty scrapbooking paper. Glue to the popsicle sticks.

I traced 2 bottle caps for her head and hair. Again, cut and color to suit. Apply glue to the back of her head and attach to the top of her body.

Legs! I made mine match her dress but you can do anything you like. Just cut 2 and glue to the back of the popsicle stick.

The last thing I did was to glue the doily to her back for wings. Ta da! You are done! Make a bunch more! Share with your friends!

Scraptivity at 1020 Farmington Avenue Berlin is proud to host the creation ofFiddlehead Fern Fairy Village.

Fiddlehead Fern Fairy Village has been created on September 1, 2016 and remain until the end of the month at Volunteer Park in Berlin. Parking is available at CVS and at Scraptivity. Come see!

Anyone who lives or works in the town of Berlin/New Britain is invited to participate in the creation of the Fairy Village. We are looking for makers! Creators! People who believe in Fairies! It is the hope of Scraptivity that local businesses will sponsor a free table in the Gazebo on Saturdays and Sunday with activities for children. We will be making wands, crowns, wings and other fairy related wonders!