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Family Fun – Pennies!


Pennies… Pennies from heaven, pennies found in the parking lot, a penny for your thoughts! This week let’s find a fun way to use those pennies to make a toy. This is a simple old fashioned toy that should keep your kids nice and cool during these hot summer days.

Materials needed:

Crayons or markers

Cardstock or cardboard


Hot glue gun and glue sticks



How to:

Using your cup trace a circle on your cardboard – a cereal box works great – or cardstock. Cut the circle out with your scissors. Now comes the fun part. Design your spinner. Once your circle is colored in with your design you need to find the center and make a slit with an exacto knife or sharp scissor. Use the hot glue to hold your penny as perfectly centered and upright as you can. When the glue is dry give that penny a spin! What do you see? Have your child tell you what they see. Now that you see how it works how about making a couple more? Ask your child some questions like this:

What happens if you put your design off center?

What happens if you use red and blue? Will you see purple? What about blue and yellow? Will that make a new color?

To extend the activity:

Lucky Pennies by Sally Huss

Pennies by Mary Hill

Bennies Pennies by Pat Brisson