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Democratic Primary

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The Democratic primary happening Tuesday is one of the most important ones in recent history.

There are two candidates endorsed by the Democratic party and two well-known Democrats who have worked tirelessly for the City that have been forced to run against the machine.

While most residents have heard of all four candidates there are many reasons – some good and some not so good – for that.

By now many of us know that Michael Trueworthy who is running for Democratic registrar of voters, went on a drunken rampage through City Hall harassing the Mayor and then continued at a local bar making anti-gay comments to the owner.

Although that happened in the past it would be uncomfortable for him to work in a building with the Mayor. It would be worrisome if he once again had a relapse. He has never worked with the registrar system.

In turn, Lucian Pawlak was part of a team who made presentations to towns and cities about the new voting process. He understands the system inside and out.

He was Mayor for 8 years and knows the workings of City Hall. He also gets along with both parties. The reasons the name Lucian Pawlak is known for in this City are all positives.

For those reasons, the City Journal is endorsing Former Mayor Lucian Pawlak for the Democratic Registrar of Voters.

In the second race we have Incumbent Theresa Bielinski Gerratana who is endorsed by the Democratic party against Board of Education President Sharon Beloin-Saavedra for the 6th district senate.

The Gerratana name has also seen a few questionable acts take place in the past years. One being Theresa Gerratana’s daughter in law (Jessica) named to a City position by her aunt – Former Alderman Suzanne Bielinski – in an improper manner. A commission found it improper as she supposedly intimidated other candidates and gave a raise to her daughter in-law. The Commission advised Bielinski be removed from Council.

Secondly, The State of Connecticut State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) decided on a consent and $400 penalty to Frank Gerratana (husband) following a complaint by Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Steele.

The complaint alleged that committee vendor, RDJ Holdings, was used as a front vendor for the candidate (Greg Gerratana) wife’s (Jessica Gerratana) company, Total Graphic Solutions (TGS). This took place during an election.

During this primary Frank Gerratana has also been accused of trying to intimidate volunteers of Saavedra and making derogatory comments.

The City does not need this type of behavior.

Most importantly, Gerratana during her term as has not cooperated with our present Mayor. While Saavedra continually shows she can cross party lines and work with anyone. Saavedra has worked with the Mayor as board president on many occasions to solve important issues.

Saavedra has worked hard for education and shown that New Britain is her number one priority. Gerratana’s actions for the City have been questionable.

We need candidates who work for the City and not for themselves or their political party. We believe Saavedra will do just that and continue to make New Britain a stronger community.

For these reasons, the City Journal endorses Sharon Beloin-Saavedra for 6th District Senate.